Vacuum pumps and units

Vacuum pump with integrated tank
Low-maintenance liquid ring pump
We have all different kinds of vacuum pumps available to meet each individual need. Size and capacities range from 3m³/h - over 500 m³/h to guarantee optimal vacuum clamping fixtures whatever the circumstances.

Liquid ring pumps

Witte offers a liquid ring pump which combines vacuum supply and liquid separator in one. This pump filters gathering coolant during machining process and integrates it into its own water cycle excess fluid is returned to cycle of machining center.

Vacuum units

Operating vacuum required can be generated in many ways. Witte vacuum units feature the following:

  • Oil lubricated vacuum pumps with an end vacuum rate of 0,1 mbar absolute at full suction
  • Integrated pressure difference switch, which automatically switches the vacuum pump on or off thereby ensuring vacuum during machining, avoiding unnecessary idle running
  • Protection switch which safeguards electric motor from overheating
  • Air filter which protects pump from dirt (made of acrylic glass with an exchangeable air filter cartridge)
  • Careful assembly of compatible components guarantee trouble-free and almost maintenance-free operation using Witte vacuum units in many applications
  • Drainage screw for coolants which have been sucked in
  • 3m connecting cable with CEE or Schuko plug
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