Sinter metal and Metapor chucks

Metapor material in blocks for Wafer Chucks
Wafer probe station incl. mechanical lifting device. During operation the part is held by vacuum. After processing vacuum is switched off and the wafer is lifted up by the device.
These chucks have a porous surface area made out of sinter bronze, ceramic or porous aluminium depending on application and workpiece. METAPOR opens a whole new perspective for different clamping solutions.


Preferred workpieces:

  • Thin walled (i.e. paper, foils, plate bars, metal strips)
  • Fine (i.e. optical)
  • Soft materials (i.e. rubber)
For work such as
  • High precision measuring
  • Precision milling
  • Silicon wafer production
  • Due to the absence of grooves and holes workpieces are not deformed for instance on inserts in the clamping area
  • Milling through workpiece is possible with using our Friction booster
  • METAPOR has different quality grades and can also qualify for clean room surrounding (Kl.10)
  • Modular chucks can be interconnected to enlarge the surface area
  • Custom build possible
Sinter and Metapor chucks Infocenter
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Operating instructions for Metapor / Sinter
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