Witte Weiguss mould clamping technology

Moulding the melted Weiguss-material
Parts machined on one side and ready for moulding using Weiguss alloy to machine second side

Tension-free fixation of spherically complicated parts such as are in prototype manufacture or small series, which have to be mechanically machined by

  • milling
  • drilling
  • grinding
  • turning
  • All kinds of workpiece shape possible
  • Tight fit during clamping because of slight shrinking process
  • Accurate machining on both sides of parts through positioning with stops
  • 100% fixation on chuck
  • No tension in parts
  • easy to use
  • Saves material and cost due to material being reusable

Infos for use

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Witte vacuum clamping systems are used by renowned customers in different areas of manufacturing. Our customers include:

  • Aircraft
  • Machine engineering
  • Automobile industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Printing industry
  • Optical and medical technology

As well as cooperation with various national and international institutes and colleges and universities.

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Witte Weiguss mould clamping technology