Table surface can be set at 90° angle
Clamping are is rotated 360!. All settings can be fixed
Tilt / Turntable for individual location and clamping of complicated workpieces

For linear measurement on surface, roughness and/or roundness measuring equipment it is necessary to align surface/outlines to be measured parallel to the measuring axis or to move the part into the corresponding axis. Because this is often a problem especially with uneven, convex or concave parts, so-called swivel tables are used. The tables integrated into measuring equipment usually only cater for small parts; large tables are not ergonomically usable because of the heavy weight involved.

Also such tables on offer from measuring equipment manufacturers are mostly dedicated to their particular devices.

Witte Bleckede has developed an all-pupose tilt/turntable with additional adjustment possibilities in X and Y in high-quality aluminum, which due to its low weight simplifies handling and enables location and fixation of parts up to 220x160mm.

The table surface is infinitely adjustable in 360° and can be tilted up to 90°. In X and Y axis it is also infinitely adjustable to +/- 12,5mm. All settings can be locked and a Nonius scale enables accurate, repeatable setting for further parts.

The surface is equipped with through bores Dia. 6 and M5 threads for locators as well as M4 threads around the outside for mounting end stops.

The tilt-turntables from Witte are also ideal for applications on coordinate measuring machines for measuring difficult to access features like bores or slots. Since the clamping surface can be moved freely in any direction, it is easy to align measuring points parallel to the measuring machine axis, thereby simplifying measuring process reducing time and effort.

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