RapidFit - Faster dedicated measuring fixtures

Measuring fixture with Aluquick grid plate as base. The plates are available with one-sided or two-sided grid and are suitable for horizontal or vertical use.
RapidFit as contour gauge on Alufix bar
Measuring fixtures cannot always be assembled exclusively from standard components.

When complicated part geometry and/or special contact situations are involved custom-built workpiece adaptations are needed. Usually Witte supplies such custom-built components conventionally milled. In order to speed up manufacture of special parts Witte is taking advantage of rapid prototyping possibilities and utilizing RapidFit from Materialise.

Pre-design of fixtures using standard components as far as the contact points takes place with Witte design software "Alufix Expert” then RapidFit takes care of the custom-built part supports.

The geometry for the supports is calculated via Alufix Expert data. They are then materialised by laser sinter technology from a powdered basic material (thermoplastics) layer by layer.

Arbitrary three-dimensional geometry can be produced, which often cannot be manufactured by conventional mechanical manufacturing processes.

Those even extremely complicated contour parts are available within a short time.

If part changes occur only the special laser-sintered parts need be exchanged, and they are redesigned, supplied and mounted very quickly.

RapidFit Infocenter
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