Eurofix - Loading and moving workpieces and fixtures quickly from place to place

Loading station built to customer requirements with transfer bridge and 5 different measuring fixtures on hovercraft plates
Hovercraft plates enable setup away from measuring area as well as easy loading and unloading of heavy weight objects on the CMM
Feed and transport systems

It goes without saying that 3D coordinate measuring machines have long been integrated into or added on to manufacturing processes. Quality checks must fit in with machining cycles and flexibility of production and they fall back more and more on to long established sequences in production. To meet these demands and as a complement to mobile sandwich plates Witte offers compact, lightweight feed and transport systems for parts and fixtures.

These transport systems are available as pallets for coordinate measuring machines, jack-up or scissor trolleys or as permanent feed or pallet combinations with or without loading stations. For this range Witte adheres to the familiar modular principle and ensures adaptation also for systems already in place as well as a multitude of applications.

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Witte Eurofix
Manual loading solution from Witte with jack up trolley and hovercraft plates
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