Press - Archive 2012

 October 2012 - Systems and components for photogrammetric measuring
The transformation in three dimensional measuring technology as well as shape inspection using optical methods, which set in years ago, is constantly setting new standards in shorter and shorter cycles.
 September 2012 - Accurate, secure part clamping in seconds
Clamping of offset printing plates for exposure purposes, CFK work pieces for milling, aluminium panels for drilling and milling operations and clamping of wafers for grinding or measuring with modern imaging equipment. Designers and production engineers are often approached with these and similar challenges. When specifications on machining times, cycle frequencies and tolerances follow, the issue of clamping becomes quite complex.
 August 2012 - Floating plates – Hovercraft plates with micro-porous surface
Whether lightweight components or parts weighing tons have to be moved... ..with hovercraft plates, it is possible with minimal effort. Areas of application are varied and range from use in assembly lines, QC applications, automation technology to positioning on tool machines.
 July 2012 - Dimensional checking of body-in-white in the field of vehicle startup
In all branches of industry demands on quality are increasing and the automotive industry is no exception. Not only technical performance is an issue, but also visual aspects, which becomes evident especially during dimensional inspection of the body parts.
 June 2012 - Fixing aircraft parts reliably
For thin-walled, non magnetic materials vacuum clamping is preferable where machining of large, uneven parts is required. Witte Gerätebau, manufacturer of different fixturing systems, specializes in the sector of vacuum clamping technology for difficult applications and special solutions.
 February 2012 - Witte vacuum unit works automatically
Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG, a major manufacturer of vacuum clamping chucks, systems and vacuum units, sells over 30 variations of vacuum pumps and units. Customers can choose between different types ranging from simple and highly effective vacuum pumps to vacuum workstations for mobile use.
 January 2012 - Vacuum clamping of sensitive and flexible parts on a lathe
Clamping sensitive and flexible work pieces on lathes using vacuum while preserving their shape: this was the challenge given to the clamping professionals at Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG by a company operating in offshore technology.
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