Press - Archive 2008

 November 2008 - Space saving solution: 14 measuring fixtures on 4 square meters
For providing modular, repeatable fixtures Witte Bleckede offers different systems for configuring custom-built solutions.
 October 2008 - Universal fixturing with Aluquick
The new fixturing system Aluquick from Witte Bleckede is suitable for all kinds of applications. Particularly in aircraft maintenance work (MRO - maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) it can complement gauges used for checking irregular shaped pipes and thus achieve considerable savings in time and cost.
 October 2008 - High end
Recently a customer approached Witte with a request for a clamping cube or tombstone for machining plastic parts completely on 5 sides in only one clamping process.
 September 2008 - Touch clamping
Witte Bleckede, designer and manufacturer of various vacuum clamping systems has introduced another new idea to the market: A grid vacuum chuck with touch valves.
 July 2008 - Cutting clamping time
Vacuum clamping systems of Witte Bleckede, manufacturer of different fixturing systems, are available in various versions, shapes and dimensions. Compared to conventional clamping methods they enable substantial time savings because clamping and releasing of work pieces takes place in just a few seconds.
 July 2008 - Vacuum clamping XXL
Witte Bleckede, manufacturer of different workpiece clamping systems, are particular specialists for developing vacuum clamping solutions for difficult applications.
 May 2008 - Perfect symbiosis: Alufix and RapidFit
In order to speed up manufacture of special parts Witte is taking advantage of rapid prototyping possibilities and utilizing RapidFit from Materialise.
Aluquick Control: Holding a Mini Cooper Sidepanel May 2008 - Lean but not mean
Witte Bleckede, manufacturer of different workpiece clamping systems, presents a new modular fixturing system AQ at the Control in Stuttgart.
Aluquick February 2008 - Control debut: Aluquick
In order to satisfy the increasing demand for a simple, economical and at the same time modular fixturing system, Witte Bleckede has developed a new product: Aluquick.
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